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thanks for watching. i'm john seigenthaler . bad must remembers. let's play "hardball". bad m. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews from washington. leading off tonight, you can just imagine the glee some republicans felt this morning when the terrible jobs numbers came out. the unemployment rate ticking up .1 and 18,000 jobs created. mitt romney and tim pawlenty had their i told you so quotes ready. on the oron hatch said quote, it's time for the poor to share some of the responsibility. could that be the new republican
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struggling point the economy is struggling today because the poor aren't paying enough in taxes. the economy and race for the white house is our top story. also is president obama -- without getting much in return. are they right? get he get a better deal and still avoid default? plus, right off a cliff. are republicans so terrified of the tea party that they're willing to tank the economy in order to avoid a challenge from the right. we'll debate that one. and the news of the world scandal is now a political scandal. a former senior aide to david cameron has been arrested in a growing scandal involving phone hacking and corruption. finally, lit me finish with the space shuttle launch today. the wondrous pioneering john kennedy once led.
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could you hear the glee, the giggles of delight on your side of the aisle? >> come on. >> michele bachmann said she hopes the bad numbers help her. >> she said that. >> i know what she said. >> let's get serious for a moment. you had 18,000 jobs created last month. the 54,000 for may was revised down to 25,000. the reality-it is americans are still hurting. both the administration and members of congress and the republican leadership in particular because we campaigned specifically on job creation need oget serious about this. all the talk about the debt and all the dancing -- >> you think the debt is an important issue. >> in the context of job creation it's all got to work together. you cannot do it in isolation. >> here's the offer mentioned u.s. congresswoman michele bachmann today on cnbc on the jobs numbers. let's listen. >> does it strike you as the
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unemployment rate goes up your chances of winning office also go up? >> that could be. again, i hope so. my candidacy is one that i'm presenting to be a job creator and to turn the economy around. >> is that politically acceptable today to say you hope you benefit from bad economic news? >> that's not -- >> i hope so. >> i think you could run it again. i think what she's saying is she's hoping that her message about job creation is one that allows her to compete and win the office. it's no different than barack obama running around in 2008 talking about, you know, what he thought the opportunities were there for him. >> there's a serious discussion to be had here. a couple months ago when the job numbers were good, what were the republican leaders in congress saying? see, you elect us and the numbers go up. now they're blaming barack obama. what's happening -- >> but the job numbers have not been good. >> when they were better at the
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beginning of the year the republicans tried to tak credit. >> because he along with the bush tax cuts. >> that's the only option they have. i'm happy to hear you talk about job creation. all we hear from the republicans is reduce government spending and cut taxes. taxes are at a historic -- they're at historic low. and if you cut government spending you end up contracting demanding. that's a job loser. it doesn't create jobs. >> it fundamentally creates jobs. >> no it doesn't. >> how -- how the heck do you expect an employer to spend more money when you're taking more out of his pockets. >> you're not taking more out of his pocket. >> if you're raising taxes you are. >> taxes are low. >> i've got to get something straight here -- >> taxes right now -- based on what's -- >> mar judgenal rate is at an historic low. >> you run a small shoe store
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and customers start pouring in the door you hire a couple people. it's about demand. taxes go up 3%, 4% for the richest people in the country, you don't fire people. it's all about what buys. isn't sales and consumer command can demand that drives the economy. >> it's not just sales and consumer command demand that's driving this. you have an entire network of business opportunities that have not been a part of this discussion. >> here's the difference. let's take a look at senator oron hatch on wednesday talking about shared sacrifice. here's a senate of the united states under pressure from the tea party. a guy that was also conservative but now fareful of the far right afraid to say normally what he would say when he was partners with ted kennedy. let's listen. >> i get a little tired of hearing the bam words shared sacrifice. the top 1% of the so-called wealthy pay 38% of income tax.
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the other side just spends and spends and they want to tax and tax so they can spend some more. when are we going to wake up in this country and realize they're spending us into oblivion? i hear how they're so caring for the poor and so forth. the poor need jobs. they also need to share some of the responsibility. >> the latest republican carp out there is that democrats don't tax the poor enough. they're saying that half the people don't pay tax. the fact is that 82% -- >> they don't tax the poor enough, what he's acknowledging is just recently reported by the joint committee on taxation, 51% of american households do not pay income tax right now. >> they pay payroll tax. >> the fact of the matter is -- >> that's social security. >> let me finish the point and i will let you do your thing. the reality of it is that 51% of
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american households tax payers don't pay taxes. what you're talking about is a shrinking number of people who are contributing to the overall investment to tax policy in this country. if you've got 51% of tax payers don't pay you're looking at a smaller number. >> wait a minute. >> let him finish. >> what the senator is talk about is creating an environment in which the poor are empowered to get jobs so that they could contribute through taxes. >> he's basically saying they're not paying enough. >> that's what he meant. i talked to the man. >> he said they also need to share the responsibility. >> that's right. >> oh, okay. once they get jobs. >> but he did. >> wait a second. >> this is the first part of what he said, the poor need to get jobs. >> the poor need jobs and they also need to share -- >> that's part of the responsibility. >> come on, people. >> when you say that 51% don't
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pay income taxes what are your suggestion that we should put more income taxes on those people who are at the bottom rungs? >> no -- >> >> let me ask you this, should we raise taxes on people in the bottom half of the country? >> no. i don't think -- the bottom line is look -- let's look at the tax code as is constituted right now and fix those areas that need to be fixed that will allow more revenue to flow as opposed to looking at tax breaks and loopholes. >> we hear from the republicans again and again the economy is in trouble let's cut tax. we did that during the bush years -- >> let's stop yelling. i want to stop you. this program is about documenting. first of all, michele bachmann is congresswoman really did say she hopes she does benefit from higher unemployment. she said i hope so. >> i don't think that -- >> she said it again and again. i'm not going to play it again.
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let's play it again. let's hear her speak for herself. >> does it strike you as the unemployment rate goes up your chances of winning office also go up? >> well, that could be. again, i hope so my candidacy is one that i'm presenting to be a job creator and to turn the economy around. >> yes. so everybody in this town has been making the very obvious statement. oh, well, barack obama's in trouble if the unemployment rate stays at 9.2. that's all that she's acknowledging is at 9.2% -- >> she hopes she profits -- >> she didn't say she hopes the economy would get better. >> then again here's oron hatch. i get a little tired of hearing the bam approach towards shared sacrifice. he's complaining about the rich being blamed -- >> he's not complaining about the rich being blamed.
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>> now it's -- >> go ahead. >> you talk about shared sacrifice. you look at what the republicans want to do in the ryan budget which is have a trillion dollars in tax cuts while cutting medicare, medicaid, food safety, research, environmental protection. >> he also cut that. >> no he didn't. >> we transferred funds. >> hey -- >> seriously. >> a half a billion dollars. >> can i finish one point tonight? >> yes, you can. >> that money was used to plug the donut hole. >> oh, yeah. >> you want to make fun of that? >> no i'm not. your washington speak is not the reality out there. >> thank you michael steele, thank you david karon. is president obama giving up too much? progressives are worried.
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we do not support cuts in benefits on social security and medicare. any discussion of medicare or social security should be on its own take. do not consider social security a piggy bank for giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people in our country. we are not going to balance the budget on the backs of american seniors, women, and people with disabilities. welcome back to "hardball." that was house democratic leader nancy pelosi on thursday. here's house speaker john boehner today. >> there is no agreement in private or in public. as the president said yesterday, we are this far apart.
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it's not like there's some eminent deal about to happen. there are serious disagreements about how to deal with this very serious problem. >> so how far apart are they? are the democrats worried that president obama will give away too much to get a deal? steny hoyer is the house democratic whip. mr. leader you have got a tough job. i don't know how you're getting through this. i really mean this. you know, i've heard a report today that there's going to be some kind of effort to look at changes down the road that we can't cut -- raise taxes right now. we can't raise benefits right now because of the economy. does that mean we're going to have to push the big changes down the road a bit and to the long-term maybe more than ten years? >> chris, i don't know about more than ten years. certainly as you know in simpson-bowles, senator simpson
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and former chief of staff erskine bowles. in their report they proposed making substantial cuts, raising revenues and dealing across the board with all items of expenditure. they said in the near term, meaning the next year or so we need to be very careful that we did not have the opposite effect by dampening down the struggling economy obviously as we saw today which will decrease revenues and make the problem worse not better. in the short-term, i agree with the bowles-simpson suggestion that we be very careful in the short-term. there is no doubt, however, that in the white house yesterday or thursday there was -- that was yesterday, there was a clear agreement that this was a serious, serious challenge that confronted us. and it demanded that all of us try to come together and reach an agreement whereby we will
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certainly over the next ten years and 20 years bring this deficit down and bring the debt down because it's not sustainable. >> do most of the members in your caucus agree that this is an urgent matter? that this august 2nd is a reality. you cannot afford to have the world money markets think of the united states as a deadbeat? >> absolutely. i think that the entire caucus to a person believes that the putting the united states of america in a position where it doesn't pay its bills will have ramifications to everybody in this country and around the world. as a matter of fact i've told the speaker and i've told mr. cantor the republican leader that democrats would come up with at least 150 votes to make sure that we extend the debt limits so we cannot default and pay the bills that we have already incurred so that -- i
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think the answer is emphatically yes, chris. we believe that this is a very serious issue. secretary geithner has made it very clear that after august 2nd, there is no maneuvering room. we will have run out of ways to manage our cash flow that enables us to pay our bills and that we will be in default. >> okay. it's going to be a tough couple days. thank you so much. u.s. congressman steny hoyer, house democratic leader. joining me now is democratic senator mark warner of virginia. he's on the banking budget and the commerce committees. senator warner, i was wondering in the course of as we get closer and closer to the deadline for action on the debt ceiling legislation, why are we not hearing from big business. why are we not hearing from tom donahue demanding action to avoid a default? >> chris, as you know and many of your viewers i'm probably one of the more probusiness democrats out there, i'm pulling my hair out on that same reason. we've seen the power of the business community weigh in on
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issues. there's not a business leader i've talked to, i've talked to the chamber, the brt, every business group i could get in front of. many times with the republican colleague saying it's got to be a balanced approach, revenues and cuts. and we get a lot of at a boys, but we don't get the kind of meaningful involvement that i think will help convince some of our republican colleagues and some of our reluctant democratic colleagues that we're driving over the cliff and we can't let this happen to our country or our economy? >> let me ask you abhearing back from them, does business at the highest level, the big money people do they know, do they talk to you about the consequences of the failure to meet this deadline? >> i think they think the consequences are so dire that no responsible person wouldn't vote to extend the debt limit. they think this is political ka bu ki theater. i wish we would put down the bartering and get to a real deal
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here. i was disappointed. i put an op-ed in "the washington post" yesterday saying guys in the business community we need you to step up right now. we need you in the halls of congress. an increase in interest rates factor in a higher credit risk for everyone does not do anything in terms of job creation. 13% car loans, the trickle down on every state bond those will be imperilled as well as if we default treasury notes. they need to be here this would be a knife to the heart of any meeger recovery we've got. >> what's the other argument? can you voice it? is there an argument to go right into august, right into the jaws of defeat really for our economy spiking interest rates, a tax in the bond market, vigilantes, america watched and degraded in the eyes of the world like we're portugal, ireland or greece.
5:21 am
is there anybody that says let's do that? >> i do hear from some of these guys that say i don't get what the problem would be if we had a short-term default. the thing that's fundamentally bizarre to me is we're not going to have the chance to get to august 2nd. we're going to see in the next two weeks when there's a bad day in europe, where some of those folks in new york are going to start saying let's start going short. let's go ahead and start betting against america. that could end up with a snowball effect. unlike the crisis of two years ago we don't have the ability to ratchet down interest rates. we don't have the ability for financial bailout or stimulus. we've got to take this problem head on. it needs to be more than $4 trillion over a ten-year period. i think that would do more to create jobs. this is a real moment of truth for the whole country.
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>> it's great to talk business. thank you very much senator mark warner of virginia. >> thank you, chris. coming up tim pawlenty's lame explanation about why he's failed to catch fire. that's next on the side show. 8gú
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back to "hardball." now for the side show. first up, great expectations. once seen as a front runner, tim pawlenty has slipped to sixth place in iowa. a must-win state for him. what happened? pawlenty told the editorial board of the des moines register, this week is the first
5:26 am
time that i've came pained in earnest in iowa. really? according to the register pawlenty has campaigned in iowa more than any other candidate besides rick santorum. the real problem is pizazz or lack thereof. michele bachmann had sex appeal, a comment he quickly apologized for. bachmann's response -- >> listen, i'm 55 years old. i've given birth to five kids and raised 23 foster kids. so that sounds like good news to me. >> well handled. big cuts over at the white house. white house the 50-foot tall iconic elm street on the north lawn was chopped down after being damaged in a thunderstorm this past sunday. how long had it stood at the white house driveway? 29 years. a teenage tree when it arrived at the white house. it was planted under ronald reagan back in 1982. a big change in landscape. 29 years of history coming down tonight's big number.
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that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. thanks for being with us. up next ♪ in every bottle of olay bodywash to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. with olay. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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